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Method Pro Services Updates - August 3, 2011

Converting Estimates to Budget / Contracts

  • A new Estimate screen (tab-link) added to create Estimates and quickly convert them to Budget / Contracts.

Budget / Contacts

  • New feature to load templates (described in detail below).
  • Platform update now ensures budget lines with decimal values will display when creating an invoice from a Budget / Contact.
  • Update to actions on ‘select’ to call another action set from the summary section to update summary values on first click rather than several clicks of ‘select’.

Budget / Contact Templates

  • A new feature added to the Budget / Contracts screen to select from a list of pre-defined templates or frequently used group of Budget / Contract lines. The new screen is ‘ProService_BudgetTemplates’.


  • Updates to ensure contact name and phone are populated if that data exists.
  • Modified and added on-screen load actions to accommodate for new Activities created from the Customer List screen. Prior to this update, the New Activity button was not calling the proper screen.

Time Tracking

  • Update when clicking ‘select’ the Time Tracking record will display if the screen was accessed via the Dashboard.
  • Update to basic math actions on all Saves to ensure small amounts of Time will flow through the action results as intended and not round.


  • The Invoice screen updated to reflect recent changes to the new standard Invoice screen from Method. Some of the changes include; a fresh cosmetic look and email notifications feature. This does not accommodate the new shared lists feature yet.

Customer List

  • Update to the ‘New Activity...’ button under the Activities section to call the Pro Services version of the Activity screen.

Received Payments

  • The Receive Payments tab-link was removed from the App to be consistent with the new CRM approach. This tab-link was referencing the original Method screen that still appears under the ‘QuickBooks’ tab groups.



m.mehr said:

The Save and Email button on the standard Pro Services Invoice screen does not work.  The email notification shows at the top of the screen and indicates 0 emails sent.  I go straight to Customer Center-Invoice, select the invoice and Save and Email and it emails fine.

August 12, 2011 12:01 PM

Method_Valbon said:

Hi Michael, Thanks for the note. I will be testing this again. In the future, it’s best to keep posting any possible issues on the forums.

August 17, 2011 4:06 PM

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A proud member of the Method team, Valbon has been very active in learning the particulars of Method. He has been involved with a number of contributions during his time including assistance in managing the Method Solution Provider (MSP) program, app building, customization jobs, preparing Method documentation, webinars and more. As a young and aspiring individual with an education in Information Technology Management complementing his tech-savvy personality, Valbon is eager to provide you with the insight you need to meet your business goals and challenges. Valbon joined the Method Integration team as a Business Systems Consultant.

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