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Method Field Services updates - August 7, 2011

Method Field Services updates
  • Fix - The Field Service Dashboard screen had links to CRM activities, cases and opportunities.  These were pointing to the old version of Method CRM, so they were dead links for new users and users who recently upgraded.  A check is now done to see if you are using the new CRM 2.0, and if so, it redirects you to the new CRM tab links.  Note: right now the link goes to the CRM tab links, but since the Activities, Opportunties and Cases tabs don't belong in the Field Service Center by default, no tab is shown at the top.  This is a known issue we don't yet have a solution for.  You can resolve it yourself by adding these tabs to your Field Service Operations tab group.
  • Fix - Similar to above, the Field Service Customers screen had links to the old Activities screen, which were broken if you were on the new CRM 2.0.
  • Fix - Also related to the same problem described above, the Field Service Post to QB screen had a link to the old version of the Time Tracking screen. It is now pointed to the QuickBooks Time Tracking screen for CRM 2.0 users.




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