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Method Platform Updates - September 2, 2011

  • FireFox 6 compatibility - Method has been tweaked for FireFox 6.  Our findings....we are impressed by FireFox 6.  It is fast.  The FireFox lovers at Method HQ are throwing pies at the Chrome lovers.  I'm still a Chrome lover....but I'm not standing so tall right now after testing FireFox 6.
  • Calendar upgrade - We had to bite the bullet and take on a big project of completely restructuring the backend code of the calendar.  There were 100 things we would have rather worked on, but this became an infrastructure necessity, and turned into a 3 month fulltime project for Method_Victor.  What it means to us is that considerably fewer server resources are consumed whenever a calendar is used.  What it means to you is that screens with calendars on them will load faster, and overall the performance for everyone during peak times will generally see an improvement.  Now that this is done, Victor's going to be happy to work on something new!
  • Audit trail - the audit trail is now limiting the results it displays and exports to excel to 10,000 records.  This makes the Audit trail much more usable, performance-wise.  In addition, this resolves an issue where the export to Excel was breaking for users who had larger lists than the max row count supported by Excel.
  • Fix: Lose focus actions on new unsaved grid rows were not firing.
  • Fix: The enable/disable object actions were not enabling timer objects that had previously been disabled.
  • Fix: Reminder alert emails were defaulting to the tab links of the previous version of CRM, rather than CRM 2.0.
  • Fix: Go to Tab Link was not highlighting a tab if the tab had a "&" symbol in the name.


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