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Method CRM Updates - November 5 - November 10, 2011

The following indicates which accounting application(s) the release note(s) apply to.

  • QBD = QuickBooks Desktop
  • QBO = QuickBooks Online

Opportunities List

  • New - linked field added to the opportunity table which grabs the company name for the lead/customer. (QBD & QBO)
  • Improved - the column “Assigned To / Name / Stage” has been changed to “Assigned To / Opp. Name / Stage”. (QBD & QBO)
  • Improved - the column “Contact Name / Phone / Email” has been changed to “Contact / Name / Company”.  This change was based on some user and internal feedback that it would be more useful to display the fields below instead of the contact information entered that is related to the opportunity. (QBD & QBO)
    • Contact - is the contact associated with the opportunity.
    • Name - is the name of the lead/customer linked to the contact.
    • Company - that one is pretty self explanatory.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be making similar changes to the other list screens. Thanks for the feedback!

Danny Big Smile



AprilHooper said:

Thanks Danny!  It's much clear with the company name in the contact field.

November 11, 2011 2:00 PM

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