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Method CRM Updates - November 13 - November 17, 2011

The following indicates which accounting application(s) the release note(s) apply to.

  • QBD = QuickBooks Desktop
  • QBO = QuickBooks Online

Case  List

  • Improved - the “Details” column has now been relabelled to “Assigned To / Origin / Status”. (QBD & QBO)  
  • Improved - the “Customer / Vendor” and “Contact Name / Phone / Email” columns have been combined into one column.  Now we display “Contact / Name / Company”.  This keeps in line with the changes we recently made to the Opportunities List. (QBD & QBO)

New Case

  • New - for the Activity Status dropdown we now look to see if the associated activity status category is completed.  If it is we will append the activity to the case dialog.  However, if the activity status category is pending or cancelled, we’ll automatically check the “Internal?” checkbox.  The reason we do this is because we don’t want activities that aren’t completed to appear in the dialog that portal users will see. (QBD & QBO)
  • New - clicking under More actions... > Choose Email Template... allows you to select a default email template for the screen. (QBD & QBO)

In the next couple days we’ll also be pushing out an update to the Edit Case screen to reflect similar changes to the New Case screen.  


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