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Method CRM Updates - December 21 - December 22, 2011

 The following indicates which accounting application(s) the release note(s) apply to.

  • QBD = QuickBooks Desktop
  • QBO = QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Purchase Order

  • New - the screen has been updated with the CRM 2.0 style.  Ohhh....ahhhh..... Wink (QBD)
  • Improved - we’ve renamed the “Ship To” dropdown list at the top of the screen to “Drop Ship To”.  This way the field is labelled the same as QuickBooks Desktop. (QBD)
  • Improved - we’ve now hidden the “Planned Release Date” and “Expected Receipt Date” fields on the screen.  These fields will only appear if Method Warehouse is installed for the account.  Method Warehouse is a legacy application which is no longer available in the Method Application Library. (QBD)
  • Improved - we now validate that the required fields are entered in before attempting to save the purchase order. (QBD)
  • Fix (#3070) - when selecting a “Drop Ship To” for the purchase order, an error message was appearing about an improper “End Loop Through Table”.  This has now been fixed. (QBD)
  • Fix - when clicking Print > Customize Templates, you would get an error message about the pop-up screen missing.  We’ve now updated this to point to the CRM_PreferencesReports screen. (QBD)


Danny Star



mwishon said:

What do mean Warehouse is now Legacy?  We need you guys to fill a major gap with quickbooks lack of Inventory control.  I'd like to think your working to improve and not going backwards on this topic.

January 24, 2012 8:26 PM

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