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Method Platform Updates - January 22, 2012

Resolve Conflicts improvements

The following update are now available on the "January" version of Method.

  • Resolve Conflicts - The More Info link now shows you more readable values from the conflicted record, instead of the raw values.  For example, instead of showing you "CustomerRef=4", you now see "Customer=Bob Crenshaw, Customer_RecordID=4".  This makes it much easier to locate which record has the actual conflict in Method.
  • Resolve Conflicts - The More Info window is now twice the height as before. 
  • Resolve Conflicts - "Delete" has been relabeled to "Delete from Method".
  • Resolve Conflicts - "Un-delete" has been relabeled to "Retry Sync to QB".
  • Resolve Conflicts - A new option "Refetch from QB" has been added. This allows you to keep the existing record, but have the values from QuickBooks overwrite the values from Method.  Your Method custom fields are preserved, as are any links from other tables to that record.
  • Resolve Conflicts - "Clear" has been relabeled to "Clear / Ignore".
  • Resolve Conflicts - A new legend appears at the top of the screen to explain each option.



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