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Method Platform Updates - February 14, 2012

Updated Method Integration Engine for QuickBooks Desktop

The following updates are now available on the version 1.0.199 of the Method Integration Engine.

  • Multi-tenancy support - Previously, beta testers of the multi-tenant ("Franchise") version of Method had to have a special Method Integration Engine manually installed.  All multi-tenancy features are now built into the standard 1.0.199 version. Click here to learn more about multi-tenancy.
  • SmartVault support -  Version 1.0.199 is required if you want to sync existing SmartVault documents from QuickBooks to Method. Click here to learn more about integration with SmartVault.
  • Updated Certificate - The Method Integration Listener and Method Integration Engine are signed with a new digital certificate, with a April 2014 expiry date.
  • Enhanced support for Bank Transfers - Bank Transfer transactions now sync both the debit and credit transactions to the Transaction table.



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While studying at Queen's School of Business in 1999, Paul founded Alocet Incorporated, developing 'QXpress', which later became the top rated field service scheduling add-on for QuickBooks. Alocet Incorporated later went on to create Method Integration - an innovative small business management platform that allows users to create their own web apps for QuickBooks.

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