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Method Platform Updates - April 2, 2012

"April" version now available

The following updates are now available on the staging site.  You can access the April version by clicking "Switch to the April version" when you sign into Method.

  • HTML Editor - we have upgraded the HTML Editor (this is the object used for typing in comments for a new activity, or for creating email templates). In the March version, sometimes when the HTML editor was loaded you would be unable to view or enter text entered into the design tab. The previous HTML editor also slowed down page load. The new HTML editor solves these problems.
  • Import / export - this was updated so that Customer Leads and Vendor Leads have their own virtual table, making them much easier to import into.  See release notes.
  • Tab and tab link renaming made easier - Previously, if you renamed a tab or a tab link you'd have to also rename the Go To Tab Link actions that referenced them, otherwise the Go To Tab Link action would break. We improved the logic behind the scenes, to make this happen automatically.  Go ahead, and rename away! 
  • Sales tax rounding - We switched the rounding of sales tax to use 'round away from zero' methodology, instead of standard mathematical rounding.  This matches QuickBooks rounding.  This will prevent scenarios where sales tax is sometimes 1 cent off in Method vs. QuickBooks.
  • 5 digit port numbers - SMTP email server settings now support 5 digit ports.  Before the limitation was 3 digits.
  • SMTP email settings in My Profile - your users can now enter their own SMTP email settings by clicking on their User Name in the top-right, and choosing My Profile. Previously, this could only be set by administrators.
  • Authorize.NET emulation - you can now override the POST URL for the Authorize.NET payment gateway. This allows you to use any credit card processor that supports Authorize.NET emulation (i.e. they have an API that works just like Authorize.NET, so it's just a matter of pointing the credit card processing to their site instead of Authorize.NET's site.
  • Fix: Document special characters - documents that were uploaded with an & or ' in their name had trouble being viewed or uploaded. This is resolved.
  • Fix: Users special characters - users with an '#' in their name caused them to be un-editable.  This is resolved.
  • Fix: Dropdowns with empty values - previously if you had referenced a dropdown object in an action such as "Enter Value Into Field On Screen" or "Retreive Value From Screen", and that dropdown was never specified, or had since been removed....Method would just skip it and move on. This runs the risk of giving undesired results - as their must have been a reason you specified a dropdown in that action in the first place. With the April version we now alert you to this issue, and tell you which action needs to be fixed. 
  • Mobile Sign In - you are now able to sign into Method Mobile using your Google Apps account or Intuit Account.  This is much easier than typing out your Company Account, User Name and Password on a mobile screen.




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