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Method CRM Updates - August 30, 2012

The following indicates which accounting application(s) the release note(s) apply to.

  • QBD = QuickBooks Desktop
  • QBO = QuickBooks Online

Activities List

  • New (#3710) - in some cases you might want to filter your activity list by more than one piece of information.  For example, you might want to see all the activities assigned to a specific user with a specific status. Doing this with the old activity list screen was a challenge since the “Assigned To/Type/Status” column only allowed for one filter at a time.

    Now you are able to show additional columns for assigned to, type, status, contact, name and company.  This allows you to filter by these columns using the filter header at the top of the grid. (QBD & QBO)

    So how do you show additional columns?
    1. Click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the grid.
    2. Select the columns you’d like to appear.
    3. Click Update.  Keep in mind that this will only last as long as you keep this window open.  This means the next time you open this screen, these columns will be hidden again.
  • New - quickly edit a contact or entity by clicking on the contact/entity name when the contact or name field is displayed in the activities grid. (QBD & QBO)

  • New - using any of the new filter views with the word “future” allows you to see activities you have schedule for a future date.  This is a great way to quickly check and see if you have a follow-up activity scheduled for a contact. (QBD & QBO)
  • Improved (#3211) - the existing filter views have been updated to filter out activities that are part of the series. Method users who use recurring activities would have a difficult time locating the series vs. the occurrences.  Now all filter views except for those with the word “series” no longer display the series in the list.  Special thanks for Susan and Lisa for the feedback on this.  I know it took a while but we’ve got it in there now.
  • Improved - the new activity button now uses Method’s button styling vs. an image.  Hover over it and you’ll see....oh....ah..... (QBD & QBO)




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