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Method Platform Updates - September 25th, 2012

"September" version will be available later today

The following updates are now available on the staging site.  You can access the September version by clicking "Switch to the September Version" when you sign into Method.

  • Google Calendar sync is here! - Method now syncs nicely with Google Calendar. Your Method appointments can now be viewed, added and modified from anywhere you currently use your Google Calendar, such as your mobile phone, or tablet. To get started, just sign into the September version with using the Google Apps sign in, and we'll take care of the rest. Click here to learn more.
  • Google Maps - support drawing polygons again - something that was left out of August's migration to Google Maps V3.
  • Fix: Google Maps - direction headers show the addressed type by the user, instead of Google's interpretation of the address.
  • Recurring Dates - the Insert Date date picker doesn't lose the last date inserted.
  • Portals - now support mobile screens. However, functionality is limited as this is not an intended implementation.
  • Time Zone improvement - when users sign into portals and their time zone is not recognized, they are now given the option to select their time zone instead of being shut out.
  • Security improvement - if a Go To Tab link action is used on a screen, it will no longer give users access to tab links they are not normally able to see.
  • Recurring Dates - inserting and deleting recurring dates now hit the audit trail from the recurring dates object.
  • Roles - much improved tree-view interface to help you figure out how users are affected by a change in roles.




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