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Method Platform Updates - July 26, 2013

"July" version now available

The following updates are available on the staging site, as of July 26th.  You can access the July version by clicking "Switch to the July Version" when you sign into Method.

  • Fix - the latest versions of Chrome for Mac caused issues with the Method timer object. We created a code workaround for the live site, and a more permanent solution for the stage site.
  • Fix - the spell checker is back working again after Google shut down the service we were depending on for spell check. An alternative solution has been put in place.
  • Fix - readonly datetime fields were not respecting format settings.
  • Fix - emailing an attachment was not working for attachments assigned to an action result via the Retrieve Value From Table action.
  • Fix - money fields were hardwired to show 2 decimal places rather than what users chose.
  • Fix - dropdown list should filter on paging, only when the dropdown was opened via typing in.
  • Fix - Grid filter fix for dates. As a date "jul-" was breaking for filtering dates using the grid filter row. 2 Issues. 1. jul- should not have broken it, since - is a character we are supposed to handle. 2. If the filter was not a valid date it would not tell the user it is an invalid date, it would just remove it from the filter list and continue on.
  • Fix - If a custom QuickBooks field is used in a grid, then goes to QuickBooks and changes the case of a letter in the name, the field would show up again in the list of fields to be added in a grid.
  • Fix - Added a check in File Upload that if the file being uploaded had a "#" in the name.





bergyver said:

If i have QuickBooks Online do anything for these fixes to come through on my end?  I have noticed some bugs on the in the Case Screens and feel that my version is out of date.  Do i have to do something to get the updates?  Per this link i do not see the Edit contacts in my screen so i have to be at least 1 year off?

August 15, 2013 1:12 AM

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