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Method Platform Updates - Aug 29, 2013

"August" version now available

The following updates are available on the staging site, as of August 29th.  You can access the August version by clicking "Switch to the August Version" when you sign into Method.

  • NEW - PayPal: We are now supporting Paypal Credit Card, and PayPal Account payments, via an open beta. Learn more here:
  • NEW - QB Online International - we are now beta testing full integraton with QuickBooks Online International (core targets are Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand), using the Intuit IPPV3.
  • Fix - Scheduled Reports error when there is a special character in the name(#).
  • Fix - Cannot hide a textbox when Show In HTML Editor is selected.
  • Fix - Weird checkbox behaviour on a mobile optimized screen(checkboxes would uncheck then recheck when actions were used to uncheck them).
  • Fix - Unable to Edit Events for Calendar Object.
  • Fix - In Estimate Line grid, Amount field contains more than 2 decimal values if IsRatePercent is checked.
  • Fix - Import/Export: names with special German Chars. do not get imported correctly from CSV file.
  • Fix - Sub button items not showing in Chrome/firefox.
  • Fix - Letter é breaks tab groups in Method.
  • Fix - verbiage update: 'Password symbol char. setting > 1 must be unique?'
  • Fix - Subtotal line item that calculates total subtotal is not updated instantly(it is now).
  • Fix - In Estimate Line grid, amount calculation is incorrect when rate is less than 1.5 and IsRatePercent is checked.
  • Fix - Duplicate fullname entries in Multi-tenancy (they are now allowed in different tenants).
  • Fix - For QuickBooks Online, if Rate and Quantity are disabled in transactions, Rate becomes zero in Method.
  • Fix - Overridden grid dropdown values are reset when updating other advanced properties values.
  • Fix – tags were not working when the section is in 'show in tabs'.




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