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Method Platform Updates (method:v1) - Oct 31, 2013

"October" version now available

The following updates are available on the staging site, as of Oct 31st.  You can access the October version by clicking "Switch to the October Version" when you sign into Method.

  • Performance improvement - For Reports, a 1 million cell limit imposed on master table, and 2 million cell limit on detail tables.
  • Fix - In some situations, taxes involving discounts were not calculating correctly.
  • Fix - Clear Screen for New Entry was not always working properly with radioboxes due to a missing null/empty check.
  • Fix - If you do not add RecordID to the fields in a still gets added but with a width of 0px. When generating the dynamic settings, since RecordID is used, it gets added, but you weren't able to hide/show RecordID.
  • Fix - Couldn't add RecordID to a grid if it was not added during the initial grid creation. Cannot add it back to a grid if you deleted it.
  • Fix - Discounts & Markups on Estimates - Discounts now should now be able to handle if there are place holder lines between the line item and the discounts.
  • Fix - Discounts & Markups on Estimates - Markups can now be set to null and stay null.
  • Fix - In Estimate Line grid, amount calculation is incorrect when rate is less than or equal to 1 and IsRatePercent is checked.
  • Fix - Added a 100 character display limit to the first column of a dropdown.
  • Fix - Enter Value Into Field On Screen action not saving some Value From Row fields.
  • Fix – Loop through a table with distinct selected was broken if there were more than 500 records.
  • Fix - Looping tables that included images and attachments in the field list would be very slow. They are no longer included in loop through table lists. Use Retrieve Value from Table instead.
  • Fix - If you have multiple dropdowns in a grid being filtered by value from screen, Method would only build the value from screen filters for the first dropdown.
  • Fix – Labels and checkboxes in the same cell were not aligning properly. Screens with this problem need to be republished.
  • Fix - Deleting from a table where the criteria is a dropdown value from row, was not always working.
  • Fix - Renewals and deleting changed occurrences that are beyond Now() are now optimized.
  • Fix - If the tablink is in use in a 'go to tablink' action...don't allow it to be deleted.




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