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Method Platform Updates (method:v2) - Nov 1st, 2013

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The following list is what has changed for the alpha-version of method:V2. This includes code checked in between Oct 18th and November 1st.

The last published version was November 1st, 2013, at 6:00 PM Eastern.

  • Fix - Only bound images show CanBeEdited property.
  • Fix - Uploading images on picture and attachment objects not working on phone view.
  • Fix - Added hand cursor to radio button and checkbox object.
  • Feature - Text object now supports an icon.
  • Fix - Date picker object rendering on IE9 and FireFox.
  • Fix - Delete Record From Table within Conditional Statement and Loop Through Table.
  • Fix - Controls can have names that are just numbers.
  • Fix - Controls can have names that start with numbers.
  • Performance Improvement - Pictures that have files that already exist on our server are reused.
  • Fix - Picture object wasn't displaying on screen when the picture object was a fields.
  • Fix - User Permissions can be set on Manage Apps, even if they aren't users on V2 yet.
  • Fix - "Grid" appears twice in the list for Go To Screen.
  • Fix - Names can include underscore characters.
  • Fix - Public pages can have their security token expire and there is no way to reset without removing cookies.
  • Fix - For pictures/images/attachments, updating fields in table, retreive value from table and insert records into table actions.
  • Polishing - Grid View UI and UX. Still a WIP.
  • Polishing - Dropdown filter UI and UX. Still a WIP.
  • Polishing - Expanded click area for phone/tablet in top-left and top-right navigation icons.
  • Polishing - Cleaning up the responsive style to grids.
  • Polishing - Changed the style of dropdowns to look more like other input objects. White background, left-alignment.
  • Fix - Left scroll bars no longer appear on left navigation menu.
  • Fix - Cleaned up left over actions that weren't deleted when objects were deleted, causing conflicts later on.
  • Fix - MiURL was not always routing to the email address for non-authenticated guests.
  • Fix - Public pages for Multi-tenant accounts use the data from the head office, unless overwritten.
  • Fix - Various fixes to Guest pages related to multi-tenancy for insert records into table, loading grids, and update fields in table.
  • Fix - Handled saving records in public pages to use the administrator user ID for the audit trail.
  • Fix - Designer was hanging and crashing in many situations. An "unresponsive script" message would appear in the designer in Firefox, and "Kill pages" in Chrome.
  • Fix - Added a "Go To Screen" label in Manage Apps > Configure > Menu & Dashboard > Snapshots, to avoid confusion.
  • Polishing - Success messages in Signup and Retrieve Password are using a Teal color instead of CTA-1 fusia.
  • Feature - many options added to section styles and cells styles, including border and color.
  • Polishing - Cleaning up wording and titles for app permissions under Manage Apps > Configuration.
  • Fix - MiURL forces a guest who is already signed in as a different guest to sign in again if the MiURL is for a different Contact Record ID (i.e. the reason why Dwight showed up instead of Tom Cruise on Paul's final presentation of the conference!)
  • Fix - Prevent apps from being created with invalid screen names or invalid app names.
  • Fix - the icon in the browser now shows in FireFox.
  • Fix - icon offer more variant ranges in sizes.
  • Fix - left-navigation updates icon list when reordered in Manage Apps.
  • Fix - the 'Create Short Method URL' action would forget the screen dropdown settings when edited.
  • Fix - ensured that names of controls can't start with an underscore or space.
  • Fix - nested sections don't inherit the responsive styling of their parent sections, they use their own.
  • Feature - Insert Records Into Table now support value from Expression.
  • Polishing - Designer styling uses more Method dropdowns rather regular browser dropdowns.
  • Polishing - Designer dropdown for colors now nicely show the color chosen, rather than just the name.
  • Polishing - Ensured left-alignment of menu titles in Manage Apps.
  • Fix - Delete Records From Table wasn't always working when a "Where" clause was not specified.
  • Fix - uninstall app was hard to use and see on a phone.
  • Polishing - Reworded the "Welcome to Method splash screen".
  • Polishing - Removed the dashed border from the Action list.
  • Fix - Update Controls On Screen now supports renaming buttons.
  • Polishing - Show Message, made the Title gain focus on new action.
  • Polishing - Show Message, rearranged order of fields so that buttons are last.
  • Fix - Show Message, the Action Result dropdown for insert into body was defaulted to the first action result on FireFox, rather than the blank value.
  • Fix - Show Message now handles new lines properly. Previously new lines in the action dialog would end up on the same line at run time.
  • Polishing - Made the entire tile clickable in Add Action list.
  • Polishing - Action List now shows a tooltip for long internal notes.
  • Polishing - The screens list now had the starting screen star (1) blue, since it isn't a CTA, (2) no hand cursor since it isn't clickable, and (3) has a tooltip saying "Starting screen" to give an indication of why there is a star icon.
  • Fix - Version Manager - now auto refreshes the version tile list after a copy.
  • Polishing - Version Manager - the title is now clickable to go to the designer for a specific version.
  • Polishing - Version Manager - you can no longer delete an active screen version.
  • Polishing - Version Manager - there are now 3 icons, "Active for me", "Published" and "Active for everyone else". They all have tool tips now too.
  • Polishing - included empty-state options for Dashboard and Manage Apps when no app is installed for a user.
  • Feature - this is a cool one. Text fields can be automatically treated as hyperlinks for web address, emails, LinkedIn URLs, Twitter handles, telephone numbers, Google Map addresses and Skype URLs.
  • Feature - new screen action "Active Record ID change". This is uber useful.
  • Feature - new value from session "Browser Window Size".
  • Fix - Create Short Method URL wasn't able to get value from grid row.
  • Fix - closing Currently Open List when nothing is available.
  • Polishing - Showing tooltip on long names in Currently Open List.
  • Polishing - changed labels for adding dashboard snapshots to "Add snapshot" and "Add another snapshot".
  • Feature - sections now have a width.
  • Polishing - action list and dialog now takes up full width on a tablet and phone screen.
  • Fix - App icons in Manage Apps would cut off if they were large, such as Film icon.
  • Fix - Too much white space for the description in Manage Apps.
  • Fix - Enabling Currency and Numeric formatting options on the designer.
  • Fix - Dragging a field onto a screen that had the same name as an existing object, like a text label, would cause the screen to not save.
  • Fix - Send Email action now supports multiple CC and BCC addresses.
  • Polishing - Text objects now have caption color and size.

It is also worth noting are there are items that received considerable attention that are work-in-process but not ready to be included:

  • Generate Report
  • App Ribbons
  • Schedule Calendar
  • Call another action set
  • Publishing and installing apps to app store (this may get hotfixed to come live)
  • Copy screen





jwarren said:

How do I access or preview V2. We are very curious about what you guys are working on :)

November 22, 2013 8:11 AM

Method_Danny said:

@jwarren - currently the alpha for V2 is only for our partners. Once we are ready to open this to everyone, we'll be publishing a new blog post with steps. Stay tuned.

November 27, 2013 10:06 AM

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