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Method Platform Updates (method:v1) - Feb 5, 2013

”February” version now available

The following updates are available on the staging site, as of Feb 5th.  You can access the February version by clicking "Switch to the February Version" when you sign into Method.

  • Performance improvement - In cases where generating a report takes a very long time a separate web service will be leveraged to improve response time.
  • Feature Request - When inserting Contacts into MailChimp the contacts will now receive an email asking to confirm their subscription.
  • Miscellaneous - New colour and logo in Method for users with default settings.
  • Fix - Unable to find values of a radio box on a mobile screen.
  • Fix - URL Override for Payment Gateway not working.
  • Fix - PayPal Payment Gateway Setup missing Default Payment Method drop down.
  • Fix - In some cases Contacts Title field not saving when sync engine is running.
  • Fix - Instances of the Method Screen Designer Objects disappearing when attempting to drag and drop in any section of the screen designer.
  • Fix - Popup's not loading second time.
  • Fix - Method compatibility with IE11 on Windows 8.1 related to Screens loading.
  • Fix - Activity gets related to existing Opportunity when Follow-up Activity is selected.
  • Fix - Google Gadget - All transactions visible to user, regardless of permissions set in Method.
  • Fix - Method:V2 roles were showing up in Method:V1.
  • Fix - In some cases where a user decided to modify other users their user name was replaced with the name that was edited.
  • Fix - Bad HTML in SQL Override could break the Advanced button.
  • Fix - Estimate to Sales Order to Invoice conversion creates duplicate line items with Groups.
  • Fix - Multi Tenancy Portal Issues. TenantID was not being set in the PaymentGateway table.
  • Fix - Sync truncation exceptions issue. In some cases when one or more field entries were longer than the allotted column size in the database a truncation exception was being thrown.
  • Fix - In some cases when a grid was created without the RecordID field included, it was added to the Excel export.





v.cameron said:

Thanks for the removal of the RecordID in the Excel export!  That's really helpful.

February 7, 2014 10:37 AM

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