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Method Platform Updates (method:v1) - Jul 30, 2014

The following updates, which were originally on staging from July 30th, are now live for all Method users as of September 3, 2014. 

The following updates are available on the staging site, as of Jul 30th.  You can access the July version by clicking "Switch to the July Version" when you sign into Method.

  • Fix - Display correct Screen after a screen has being replaced while using "Show Screen on Pop Up" and "Go To Screen" actions.
  • Fix - References Changed from Electracash to Willow Systems.
  • Fix - Filtering reports within a date range, properly using UTC time zone handling on a date field.
  • Fix - Rate % calculation for Sales Order Line Item when value is less than 1.5.
  • Fix - Rate % calculation for Sales Receipt Line Item.
  • Fix - Made Textbox editable when properties 'Hidden on screen load' & 'mask input' are applied.
  • Fix - Total and SalesTaxAmount calculations on Purchase Orders.
  • Fix - Instances of the Method Screen Designer Objects disappearing when attempting to drag and drop in any section of the screen designer.
  • Fix - Issue with Multi-Tenancy Drop Downs that have duplicate values.
  • Fix - Tablink not found error in Portals when the tablinks are collapsed into a More button.
  • Fix - Prevent tax value within Job Item grid getting reset when updating the line item.
  • Fix - Generate Report action with the Build Selection List for the Condition Statement.
  • Fix - Date difference function while calculating the occurrence of the weekday whiting a date range.
  • Fix - Allow to format reports to show/hide group items.
  • Fix - Allow to delete Alternate Contacts.
  • Fix - Assign ref numbers for SalesOrders in Method.
  • Fix - Send emails with an attachment in Method.
  • Fix - Allow labels to contain HTML.
  • Fix - Exporting tool when the data has html embedded, so the html gets validated and fixed if broken.
  • Fix - Validation while adding new fields on the tenant table. If tenant table, do not add unique/required fields or it will break the creation of franchises.
  • Fix - Multi-Tenancy Report Designer where there are two customers with the same name in different tenants.
  • Fix - While adding users increase accordingly the number of licenses and made the account user-licensing-concurrent when the user counts are over 19.
  • Fix - Taxes calculation when Invoices have discounts.
  • Fix - Authorize.Net Payment Gateway rejection of payment when there are missing elements.
  • Fix - Load contacts into ListBuilder so the data does not get truncated.
  • Fix - Action "User-IPAddress" returns the correct IPAddress.
  • Fix - Prevent main contact to be updated when a new contact is added.
  • Fix - Encrypt/Decrypt action when used with Save Section.
  • Fix - Contacts registration on portals.
  • Fix - Users can connect to MailChimp.
  • Feature Request - Be able to download Customers Documents and Images.
  • Feature Request - Allow to set the decimal places to be displayed on editable Grid Columns according to the decimal field size specified within table.




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