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Method: Classic Updates - Dec 2, 2014

The following updates are now live for all Method users as of December 2, 2014. 

The following updates are now live, as of Dec 2nd.

  • Fix - Duplicate invoices created on QBO sync if an initial balance is set (Ticket 2813)
  • Fix - Terms getting set to Date Driven on Save, during QBO Sync (Ticket 3906)
  • Fix - Google Calendar not syncing from Google to Method (Ticket 4765)
  • Fix - Company Name not appearing in address when synced from gmail gadget (Ticket 2785)
  • Fix - Friendly error message needed to handle disabled shipping on QBO Sync (Ticket 4894)
  • Fix - PurchaseOrderLine table was showing 'Item' as a required field in Insert Record into Table action, even though it is not required (Ticket 4808)
  • Fix - Sync Engine not handling empty PurchaseOrderLines if no Item was specified, and inserted via Insert Records Into Table, instead of the screen, and if there were related records or fields (Ticket 4809)
  • Fix - No ability to reset SmartVault connection to use a different vault, if the QuickBooks Desktop account (Ticket 4678)
  • Fix - Rounding of decimals includes too many decimal places on a copied screen (Ticket 4561)
  • Fix - QBO Reconnect was going to wrong domain, causing a red security banner in the Intuit Reconnect Page (Ticket 5004)
  • Fix - Copying CRM_Activities List generates error (Ticket 4990)
  • Fix - Subtotal line on Estimate not working like in QuickBooks (Ticket 3671)
  • Fix - Improvement to Google Calendar Sync not occuring automatically (Ticket 4907)




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