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Method: Classic Updates - Jan 08, 2015

The following updates will soon be made live for users of Method:Classic. 

The following updates are planned for January 8, 2015.

  • Improvement - Significant decrease in the time it takes to copy a screen within the same account (Ticket 4993)
  • Fix - Grid drop down fix. Sometimes a reference to an archived lookup record with the same name would be used instead of the currently active lookup record. The specific reported issue was on Sales Tax Codes on invoices. (Ticket 3303)
  • Fix - Field Services Calendar - Re-assigning a Work Order series to another Assigned To user is not reflected on the calendar. (Ticket 4671)
  • Fix - Inability to sign up for a subtenant on a Multi-tenant QBO account. (Ticket 4997)
  • Fix - Bug with QBO Australia sync - Estimates/Invoices fails to sync with shipping taxes applied to it. (Ticket 5259)
  • Fix - Field Service Renewals - Not capturing first week of January if the multiple days of the week were selected in the Weekly basis, instead of using Daily basis. (Ticket 5367)
  • Fix - Trouble setting and saving the 'Is To Be Renewed' checkbox. (Ticket 5297)




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