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Method: Classic Updates - Jan 27, 2015

The following updates will soon be made live for users of Method:Classic. 

The following updates are planned for January 27, 2015.

  • Improvement - Update to Method Integration Engine (Desktop QB Sync) and MethodAPI so that they can authenticate with both Method:New and Method:Classic UserName/Emails and Passwords. (Ticket 5488)
  • Fix - Unapplied Auto-Payments not syncing to QB. We previously fixed an issue where payments that were not 'Auto Apply' wouldn't sync to QuickBooks until they were applied to invoices. This broke a few accounts that had designed their screens to accommodate this behavior, so we have rolled back the change. (Tickets 5508,5347)
  • Fix - Group Items on Sales Order not showing grid after clicking Update. (Ticket 4989)
  • Fix - In the latest release of Google Chrome, the screen scrolls to the top when selecting a dropdown list. (Ticket 5049)
  • Fix - Duplicate QBO invoices were sometimes created from the SchedInv_CreateInvoices screen. (Ticket 5187)
  • Fix - The 'Ship Tracking Number' for QBO Invoices has been updated to show that it is 29 characters long. (Ticket 2896)
  • Fix - Removing the QBO Global tax calculation conflict on importing historic invoices created before last tax rate change. (Ticket 5310)




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