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Method:Classic Updates - Feb 12, 2015

The following updates will soon be made live for users of Method:Classic. 

The following updates are planned for Feb 12, 2015.

  • Feature - Implement Bill Transactions syncing for QBO (USA) and QBO (Global). Note, the screen pushes and actual feature launch will come soon, this is just the platform and sync groundwork. (Ticket IN-85)
  • Fix - Tax rounding error sometimes off by 1 cent vs. QB Desktop (USA). This is for estimates where the tax item is not a tax group. (Ticket AS-11)
  • Fix - Copying screen breaks show/hide section. (Ticket AS-12)
  • Fix - Sync aborts on QBO Canada account when the tax code has a blank description. (Ticket AS-13)
  • Fix - QBO changes for estimates not syncing to Method when the descriptions include non-ASCII characters. (Ticket AS-14)
  • Fix - ExchangeRate field listed as Integer in Currency table, not syncing for QB Desktop. (Ticket AS-19)
  • Fix - Issue with the automatic assigning of invoice numbers in tenant accounts of a multi-tenant account. (Ticket AS-20)
  • Fix - Unable to save changes to Expense & Income Accounts on ItemService screen. (Ticket AS-57)
  • Fix - Screen hangs when an image has a dynamic source with a semi-colon in its URL. (Ticket AS-69)
  • Fix - Loop inside a loop does not execute for 501st record. (Ticket AS-71)
  • Fix - QBO Payments is syncing, even with Wait For Approval Checked. (Ticket AS-157)




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