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Method:New Updates - June 3, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Improved - Updated the generic error message to be more helpful. (Ticket PL-989)
  • Fix - Yes / No field values showing up as NULL in some cases instead of False. (Ticket PL-937)
  • Fix - Placeholder image display on Interner Explorer. (Ticket PL-915)
  • Fix - Style on Session Expired page on iPhone 6. (Ticket PL-883)
  • Fix - Drop down menus being cut off on iPhone 6. (Ticket PL-886)
  • Fix - Create App screen style on iPhone 6. (Ticket PL-929)
  • Fix - Right Nav navigation issue on mobile devices. (Ticket PL-1003)
  • Fix - Style on Manage User Permissions on iPhone 6. (Ticket PL-881)
  • Fix - Style on Edit User screen on iPhone 6. (Ticket PL-882).
  • Fix - Calendar day view on iPhone 6. (Ticket PL-906).
  • Fix - Drop downs overlapping. (Ticket PL-913)
  • Fix - Scrolling on QBD Onboarding Step 1. (Ticket PL-916)
  • Fix - Show More link on Grids jumping to top of screen. (Ticket PL-918)
  • Fix - Viewing QuickBooks sync conflicts. (Ticket PL-919)
  • Fix - Showing more records in a drop down causing error. (Ticket PL-925)
  • Fix - Style on Share screen on mobile devices. (Ticket PL-964)
  • Fix - Loading Dashboard after onboarding. (Ticket PL-973)
  • Fix - Deleting object located at the bottom of a screen. (Ticket PL-696)
  • Fix - Loading dashboard for some users. (Ticket PL-939)
  • Fix - Creating new Method accounts if user had previously cancelled an account. (Ticket PL-831)
  • Fix - Creating accounts with the same RealmID (Ticket PL-926)
  • Fix - Style on Payment Gateways screen on iPhone 6. (Ticket PL-893)
  • Fix - Style on Tables and Fields screen on iPhone 6. (Ticket PL-894)
  • Fix - Criteria builder In List only supporting 10 items. (Ticket AS-676)




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