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Method:Classic Updates - June 11, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Service improvements connecting Google & Intuit accounts (PL-856)
  • Improvements for accessing account details & cancel account screens (PL-904)
  • Fixed ability to open system pages within separate tabs (PL-1033)
  • Fixed styling issues within Firefox (PL-1037)
  • Fixed issues related to signup flow for Donor offering (PL-1032, PL-1011) 
  • Fixed issue with dashboard not displaying correctly on sign up (PL-1046) 
  • Fixed styling issues for mobile Edit User screen (PL-1049)
  • Fixed styling issues with iPhone6 (PL-966)
  • Fixed issue with MethodSupport user notification email not being generated correctly on activation (PL-729)
  • Fixed issue related to publishing apps (PL-787)
  • Fixed issue related to installing Items app (AS-761)
  • Fixed issue related to email server settings blanking out password on save (AS-791)




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