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Method Updates - June 25, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Fixed issue with looping through grids using action results (Ticket AS-839)
  • Fixed issue with app ribbons on copied screens not showing related records (Ticket AS-789)
  • Fixed issue with HTML emails not rendering properly (Ticket AS-792)
  • Fixed timeout issue causing 'Oops' errors when saving a screen (Ticket PL-1008, PL-942)
  • Fixed timeout issue causing 'Oops' errors when working with expressions in action editor (Ticket PL-1044)
  • Decreased time required for Step 1 of QBD Onboarding to complete (Ticket PL-1001)
  • Added Payment Widget Control to be used with Payment Processing Action (Ticket PL-749, PL-750)
    • Note: The Payment Widget will be incorporated into Method Apps in future App updates 
  • Added new PayPal Credit Card Payment Gateway to be used with Payment Widget (Ticket PL-751)




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