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Method:Classic Updates - June 25, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method:Classic. 

  • Fixed issue with Webforms not using new email settings (Ticket AS-819)
  • Fixed issues with adding / editing users within multi-tenant accounts (Ticket AS-848, AS-867)
  • Fixed issue related to Lead contacts not being deleted when Lead record is deleted (Ticket AS-806)
  • Fixed issue preventing Alt Contact from being deleted in QBD (Ticket AS-881, AS-773)
  • Fixed issue preventing related records to be inserted on multi-tenant webforms (Ticket AS-750)
  • Fixed issue with grid looping when grids are using SQL overrides (Ticket AS-853)
  • Added ability to link new QBO tenants to QBO accounts (Ticket AS-447)
  • Fixed issue with QBO background sync (Ticket AS-491)




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