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Method Updates - July 6, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Style updates for the payment widget (PL-1188, PL-1205, PL-1238)
  • Corrected issue so that payment widget fields clear when using the ‘clear screen’ action (PL-1190)
  • Corrected issue where users were unable to add a payment gateway (PL-1262)
  • Updated PayPal’s payment gateway name to read ‘PayPal Credit Card Payments’ (PL-1199)  
  • Spelling & grammatical corrections (PL-1226, PL-1224)
  • Style updates to fix scrolling issues within designer (PL-1244, PL-1245)
  • Style updates for Tables & Fields mobile screen (PL-1263)
  • Style updates for Add Gateway mobile screen (PL-1207, PL-1285)
  • Corrected issue with Generate Report action whereby 'Override With Report' option was not working (AS-858)

Update - The below ticket was removed from the live environment after a further issue releated to the fix was identified.  We will re-publish this fix at a further date and be sure to let you know.  

  • Added validation to prevent users from using reserved words within actions (AS-896)




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