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Method Updates - July 16, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Added Default Deposit To Account option to the Paypal Credit Card payment gateway setup (Ticket PL-1366)
  • When processing payment transactions using the payment widget, get card holder name from payment widget (Ticket PL-1366)
  • Added logging for payment gateway processing in Method (Ticket PL-1138)
  • Fix - Notification preferences screen creates error when reminder drop down is clicked (Ticket PL-1344)
  • Fix - Prevent users from using reserved keywords for naming of action results (Ticket AS-896)
  • Fix - Reconnecting in QBO produces an out-of-date email (Ticket AS-877)
  • Fix - Re-establish a connection between QBO and Method if a connection exists (Ticket AS-883)
  • Fix - Issue preventing users from linking existing linked field in tables (Ticket AS-617)
  • Fix - Issue preventing users from updating Yes/No fields on the Customer table (Ticket AS-930)




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