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Method Updates - Sept 1st, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Send Email Action - Added 'Email From Name' field (Ticket PL-1476)
  • Import/Export tool is available for all administrators on an account, not just the primary administrator (Ticket PL-1407)
  • Aligned screen copy process found in Manage Apps & Designer.  Redirected screens will now create two versions when copied - a Live version and a Test version (Ticket PL-1393) 
  • Updated Subscribe hard hold page to display correct account balance (Ticket PL-1342)
  • Updated Subscribe hard hold page to display a working Pay Overdue Balance button (Ticket PL-1342)
  • Consolidated Import/Export, Payment Widget, and Gmail Gadget into a single Integrations page (Ticket PL-1424)
  • Added default preferences for users when they are added to Method (Ticket PL-1640)
  • Updated Google Gadget to handle navigation into the new Method (Ticket PL-1588)
  • Fixed issue with images not displaying on Public Pages (Ticket PL-1753)
  • Improved performance of signin (Ticket PL-1757)
  • Performance Improvements related to the loading of apps and snapshots on the dashboard (Ticket PL-950)
  • Performance Improvements related to screen load times (Ticket PL-1051)




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