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Method App Updates - August 27th, 2015

The following App updates are now live for users of Method

Donations App

  • New! Report: You can now generate a Donor & Donations Annual Summary by going to the Reports screen (accessible from the Dashboard) of the Donations app.

Contacts App

  • Addressed an issue with wrong information being saved on the New Contact screen when adding a new vendor. (AS-1048 - Thanks Steve)
  • Contacts List can now search for the contact's balance and address fields (city, state and country)

Opportunities/Activities App

  • Improved the Activities app ribbon within Opportunities app (Thanks Mahlon for the suggestion)

Activities App

  • Improved the "Delete" dialog message for Activity Status

Sales Order App

  • Consistent naming on the Sales Order grid

Cheers - please keep your feedback coming,



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