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Method:Classic Updates - Sept 17, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method:Classic. 

  • Improved QuickBooks sync connection failure. (Ticket AS-986)
  • Fixed issue with times on Time Tracking entries for QBO. (Ticket AS-781)
  • Fixed issue with colons causing some customers not to sync. (Ticket AS-938)
  • Email and Country is now passed when using Credit Card Processing action. (Ticket AS-780)
  • Fixed issues using PayPal Express for payments. (Ticket AS-963)
  • Added support for comma separated email in customer email field . (Ticket AS-909)
  • Fixed issue with Customize->Screens screen not refreshing after searching. (Ticket AS-1041)
  • Fixed issue with Customize->Screens screen not refreshing after screen copy. (Ticket AS-1044)
  • Fixed issue with assigning users to tenant accounts in multi-tenant accounts. (Ticket AS-690)
  • Fixed issue with Generate Report action not working when looping through a table (Ticket AS-1103)
  • Added support for British Pounds for when processing payments. (Ticket AS-1021)
  • Added support for sorting of Help Center articles. (Ticket AS-1010)
  • Improved Export Grid action to check for duplicate columns. (Ticket AS-889) 
  • Added performance improvements for Chrome & Safari browsers. (Ticket AS-1011)
  • Improved error checking & logging for MailChimp integration. (Ticket AS-1028)




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