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Method Updates - Sept 29, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Fixed issue with reminder preferences to ensure reminders can be enabled / disabled at the company level (Ticket 1910)
  • Fixed issue whereby email reminders were not sent if personal email server preferences are set (Ticket PL-1908)
  • Fixed issue with notification preferences whereby email server password field was not being cleared (Ticket PL-2006)
  • Fixed issue with display preferences whereby thousands separator was not saving (Ticket PL-2007)
  • Fixed issue with screen redirects not being removed when a destination screen is deleted (Ticket PL-1559)
  • Fixed issue with App publishing (Ticket PL-1928)
  • Fixed issue that caused live screen versions to be displayed in Design Mode in designer (Ticket PL-1801)
  • Fixed issue preventing QBD Sync in real time (Ticket PL-1010)




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