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Method Updates - Oct 5, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Fixed issue preventing users from viewing the QuickBooks Conflict screen (Ticket AS-1184)
  • Fixed issue that produced errors when loading a copy of New / Edit Estimate screen (Ticket AS-1245)
  • Fixed issue preventing some users from adding, editing, or deleting fields in Method Tables (Ticket AS-1282)
  • Fixed issue with toggling multi-tenancy accounts so that individual tenants can be toggled independently (Ticket AS-1214)
  • Fixed issue with Donate Now screen so that it can be edited (Ticket AS-1121)
  • Fixed issue preventing linked fields from being displayed in dropdowns (Ticket AS-1215)
  • Fixed issue with criteria builder so that conditions are now commutative (Ticket AS-1175)
  • Fixed issue causing the Generate Report action to error when using drop down fields in the filter criteria (Ticket AS-1177)
  • Fixed Issue preventing required fields to be displayed in the Insert Record into Table action (Ticket AS-1250, AS-1251)
  • Added ability to retrieve the month as a number to the Date Function (Ticket AS-974)
  • Fixed issue preventing users from adding items to transactions (Ticket AS-1236)
  • Fixed issue causing email server and signature information to be wiped out when saving preferences (Ticket AS-796)
  • Fixed issue preventing SalesTaxCode from being visible on QBO accounts (Ticket AS-1244)
  • Fixed issue causing duplicate Sales Tax Codes for new account signups (Ticket AS-732)




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