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Method Updates - Dec 3, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method. 

You may have noticed a fresh new design upon logging into Method.  In addition to the new design, here is a detailed list of functional changes -

Left Navigation Menu

  • Removed: Manage Apps

    • Now available via app dashboard tiles (See Dashboard debrief)

  • Removed: Install Apps

    • Marketplace now available via

      • Dashboard ghost tile called ‘Get more apps’

      • Subscription page

  • Removed: Recently Opened

    • Currently have ‘Unsaved Work’ (See Top Menu debrief)


  • Changed: Dashboard tiles

    • Only 2 snapshots are displayed (First snapshot created is displayed on the right.  Second snapshot created is displayed on the left.  The ability to define snapshot location has not been implemented yet).

    • Remaining snapshots are placed in card context menu (3 dots in the upper right).

    • App descriptions are now displayed in cards

    • Tiles are setup to display in a 4 card, 2 card, 1 card column format depending on area available

  • Added: ‘Get more apps’ ghost tile

    • Displayed at the very bottom of the dashboard to allow users to get more / create new custom apps

Top Menu

  • Changed: Screen name is no longer displayed in this top frame.  

    • The screen name is populated in the browser tab.  

  • Added: Unsaved Work

    • Allows user to jump back to a record which they have made changes to but have not yet saved to the database.

    • Supports multiple records for the same screen (e.g. you can have multiple ‘unsaved’ contact records in this list)

    • The title displayed in the unsaved work drop down is simply the related screen name. This is to be improved in future iterations in order to provide more clarity on the record being edited.

  • Added: Account Name & Username in top portion of the right hand menu

Preferences Area

  • Added: Display Account Name & Username in top left of preferences page

  • Added: If a user does not have access to a preference section, it will be greyed out and an info icon is displayed to let the user know why they do not have permission.

Profile Section

  • Added: Google & Intuit icons for connected accounts

  • Added: Display of password requirements when changing a password

    • This appears inline, only when the password does not meet the specified requirements.  Validation occurs on Lose Focus of the new password field

    • (e.g. must be at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase character, etc)

Tables / Fields Section

  • Added: View selector for All Tables / QuickBooks Tables / Method Tables

  • Added: Dropdown field types now display the table & field name that they reference.  

    • Table names are clickable, allowing the user to drill down into the related table.

  • Added: Linked field types are grouped/indented beneath the field they are linked via.

    • They also display the table & field name that they reference.

  • Added: Text fields display the field length next to the field type

  • Change: Only editable fields will contain a chevron

  • Added: Inline icons to denote Required (checkbox), Unique (star), and Linked (chain link) fields.

Manage Apps

  • Changed: The ‘Manage’ entry is always visible from the app card context menu.  If a user does not have access to manage apps, the entry will appear disabled with an info icon to let the user know why they do not have permission

  • Changed: App Publishing section is only visible if the account is identified as an ‘App Developer’

  • Changed: All sections are visible to users.  If you do not have access to a view a particular section in Manage Apps, the section will appear disabled and an info icon is displayed to let the user know why they do not have permission.

  • Changed: Placed Snapshots, App Ribbons & Record Summary into their own sections

Manage Apps -> General

  • Changed: ‘Screen for viewing records’ is no longer required

Manage Apps -> Screens

  • Added: Ghost tile for ‘Create New Screen’

  • Added: Star icon denotes starting screen

  • Changed: ‘Customize’ shows as primary snapshot

    • Additional snapshots are moved to the card context menu (Copy, Versions, Redirect, Security, Delete)

  • Changed: Screen redirects now displayed more clearly within card body

Manage Apps ->Screens->Copy Screen

  • Added: For custom screens, an intermediate step will prompt user to ask whether they want to create a new version or create a completely new screen.

Manage Apps ->Screens->Versions

  • Changed: ‘Set Status’ shows as primary snapshot

    • Additional snapshots are moved to the card context menu

Manage Apps ->Screens->Redirect

  • Changed: We can only redirect to a screen using the same base table

Manage Apps ->Screens->Security

  • Changed: Updated wording to be more user friendly

Subscription Area

  • No functional changes - only style updates

Marketplace Area

  • No functional changes - only style updates


  • Changed: When navigating to a page that does not exist in Method (e.g. a deleted screen), you will be brought to a Method branded 404 page.

    • In Production today, you will receive a popup to notify you the page does not exist  

  • Changed: App notifications now display in the top right corner instead of bottom left.

    • New notifications are suppose to stack on top.  They currently place new notifications on the bottom - there is a story to correct this.

  • Added: 3 types of notifications

    • Success (Green)

      • Display for 5 seconds and will dismiss automatically  

      • e.g. Successfully saving user permissions

    • Error / Fail (Red)

      • Display until manually dismissed by user

      • e.g. Error while saving user permissions

    • Information (Grey Blue)

      • Display for 5 seconds and will dismiss automatically

      • e.g. Passive background tasks such as app updates


  • Changed: Screen name is displayed in top bar of designer

  • Added: Prompt user to save changes when navigating away from designer

    • Designer is closed when a user navigates away.  The prompt is to ensure the user saves any unsaved changes

  • Added: Character Function Improvements

    • Left - ability to find characters based on text values

    • Right - ability find character based on text values

    • Middle - Set starting point & number of characters you want returned.  Can retrieve based on text value inputs

    • FInd position in text - Find the location of a text value

    • Find in JSON - return JSON value based on a key


  • Changed: New QBD sync setup page

  • Removed: QBO / QBD interview questions


  • Changed: Toggles no longer show text within toggle itself


  • Changed: Screen Events

    • Load events fires every time

    • Before

      • Default values and actives record values loaded.

      • Load event fired

      • Active Record Changed event fired

      • Focus event fired

    • Now

      • Default values loaded (control defaults, ie current user, today etc)

      • Load event fired (No access to Active Record)

      • Active Record loaded

      • Active Record Changed event fired

      • Unsaved changes loaded (if any)

      • Focus event fired

  • Changed: Go To Screen with Force screen refresh after navigation checked clears the screen state of the screen you are going to. (Resets screen back to a “Fresh” version.

  • Changed: Grids, charts and calendar will  always refresh on a screen taking focus.


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