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Method:Classic Updates - Dec 14, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method:Classic. 

Platform Updates

  • Fixed issue with some Gmail Gadget links displaying an error page. (Ticket AS-1333)

  • Button states now reset after actions are finished running when using Internet Explorer. (Ticket AS-702)

  • Fixed issue where some report screens where getting errors when using Internet Explorer. (Ticket AS-1008)

  • Fixed issue where filtered drop downs would not allow users to page to see additonal values. (Ticket AS-1123)

QuickBooks Online Sync

  • Corrected issue with Time Tracking where break time was not applied. (Ticket AS-1469)

  • Corrected issue with syncing line item tax codes which caused QBO sync to abort. (Ticket AS-1481)

  • Improved the Disconnect / Reconnect with QuickBooks for QBO. (Ticket AS-1578)

Import / Export

  • Updated API for Import / Export tool (Ticket AS-1571)




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