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Method Updates - Dec 15, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method. 

Subscription Area

  • Granted account admins of expired trials the ability to modify subscription details prior to subscribing (PL-3317)

  • Updated app descriptions (PL-2365)


  • Ensured that deleted custom apps no longer display on the dashboard (PL-3138)

Manage Apps

  • Apps failed to publish due to looping actions (PL-3233)

  • Spelling updates (PL-3078)

Guest Pages

  • Load time improvements (PL-2916)

  • Updates to Guest Page sign-in user experience (PL-3210, PL-3306)


  • Dropdowns no longer load references to deleted records, which in the past caused issues with saving (PL-3309)

  • Designer now displays horizontal scroll bar in cases where columns extended past visible area (PL-3259)

  • Updated search results on object properties to eliminate duplicate table names (PL-2930)

  • Updated prompt when a user clicks ‘close’ in the designer with unsaved changes (PL-2278)

Designer -> Action Editor

  • Fixed issue in Retrieve Value from Table action causing incorrect results when using embedded OR statements (PL-3258)

  • Send Email Aaction failed to initialize when apostrophes were used in the From Name, Subject, and Body (PL-1826)

  • Send Email action did not allow users to expand Advanced Settings area (PL-3246)

  • Call to Web Service action did not display parameters correctly after saving (PL-3234)

  • Updated various icon styles within Action Editor (PL-3208, PL-3204, PL-3220)

  • Updated actions to parse single quotes correctly (PL-2429)

  • Updated the Date Difference function to properly calculate date & time differences inclusive of the date provided (PL-2628).

  • Updated the Date Format function to properly format dates using the ‘-o’ format (PL-2626)

  • Grid captions are now hidden when a grid control is hidden via actions (PL-2604)

  • File Uploader style updated to include a menu icon (PL-3169)

Payment Gateways

  • Removed the ability to add classic PayPal credit card gateways in the new version (PL-3197)




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