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Method Updates - Dec 22, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method

  • Buttons now get disabled and greyed out when clicked until actions finish processing. (PL-2672)

  • Various Manage Apps style fixes for cross browser and cross device support. (PL-3326)
  • When installing a new pack user has access set to all apps in pack. (PL-3183)

  • Fixed issue with "Related" app ribbon not working. (PL-3225)

  • Fixed issue with having a Go To Screen and Save All action in same action set. (PL-3218)

  • Screens can no longer be re-directed to themselves. (PL-3180)

  • Updated size of confirmation messages. (PL-3155)

  • URL generated by sharing a public page is now immediately accessible (PL-3022)

  • Fixed issue with additional border showing on grids with image fields (PL-2951)

  • Grid settings window on runtime screen is now scrollable. (PL-2917)

  • Fixed issue with Delete message not showing up on mobile devices in some instances. (PL-3015)




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