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Method:Classic Updates - Dec 23, 2015

The following updates are now live for users of Method:Classic. 

Platform Updates

  • Fixed rounding issue on some transactions which may have caused some sync conflicts. (Ticket AS-1280)

  • Fixed potential issues with signing up for a new account. (Ticket AS-1588)

  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar appointments duplicate in some instances. (Ticket AS-1239)

  • Reminder emails now uses users emails settings if they exist. (Ticket AS-1557)

  • Fixed ability to clear Vendor type for Vendors. (Ticket AS-1226)

  • Changing the customer on a QBO transaction is now syncs. (Ticket AS-1603)

  • Main contact is now restored when an entity is refetched from QuickBooks. (Ticket AS-1512)

  • Added validation to prevent using a number in button event names. (Ticket AS-1347)

  • Fixed issue with creating and managing webforms in IE and Edge. (Ticket AS-700)




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