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Method Updates - February 3, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method. 

  • View QBO Sync Status and Results from QuickBooks Preferences page (PL-3500)
  • Prevent website conflicts on incomplete web addresses (PL-3504)
  • Updated QBD sync video on QBD sync steps page. (PL-3635)
  • Minor improvements to Invite user. (PL-3231)
  • Users now have the ability to specify the location of snapshots on the custom app tiles. (PL-1939)
  • Improved the click areas of tiles throughout Method. (PL-2673)
  • Added ability to include email attachments in the Send Email action (PL-985)
  • Standardized color & size styles for Text Input, Text, and Icon widgets in designer (PL-3838, PL-3902, PL-3816)
  • Contacts App | New 'Send Email' link on the View contact screen to make it easy to send an email to a contact (PL-3706)
  • Contacts App | 'Related' contacts app ribbon now includes the contact's phone & email
  • Estimates, Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts & Donations Apps | Add/Edit item screens now include a drop down link to the Items app to make it easy to add, edit or remove an item (PL-3996)
Bug Fixes:
  • Incorrect entries in sync conflicts for Vendors, so Go To Record would not work (PL-3644)
  • Conflict on QBDT when Vendor added or edited from Method (PL-3802)
  • Fixed issue with Link to QuickBooks entity field being cleared on permissions change. (PL-3609)
  • Fixed issues with Google connection showing up Disconnected. (PL-3428)
  • Fixed issue with Install button not being disabled during app install. (PL-3597)
  • Fixed issue with Save button but being disabled when adding a field. (PL-3780)
  • Fixed issue with “Make this new user's permissions similar to”  showing a invalid warning message. (PL-3659)
  • Fixed issue with tile text going outside the tile instead of being truncated. (PL-3825)
  • Fixed issue with changing colour of app tiles in mobile landscape. (PL-3564)
  • Fixed issue where screen permissions (Guest & Public) are not included in a screen copy (PL-3651)
  • Fixed issue where by tags with spaces are not saving correctly (PL-3493)
  • Fixed slow performance in designer for Internet Explorer 11 users (PL-2376)
  • Fixed style issues in designer preview mode (PL-3396, PL-3397, PL-3398)
  • Fixed style issues in designer (PL-3236)
  • Grids | Row RecordID is now accessible in column click actions (PL-3387)
  • Grids | Visible columns are saved when navigating away from screen (PL-2641)
  • HTML Editor | Fullscreen mode no longer hidden behind navigation bar (PL-3446)
  • HTML Editor | Removed option to set percentage based height (PL-3586)
  • HTML Editor | Fixed spellcheck feature (PL-3774)
  • Text Input | Fixed the error messaging for when invalid characters are entered in fields formatted for number only (PL-3445)
  • Text object | Thousand separator field not updating correctly when changed in designer (PL-3761)
  • Sales Receipts App | Fixed a formatting issue with the total & subtotal amounts (PL-3934)


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