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Method Update - February 18, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Go To Record on Resolve Conflict to give yourself access. (PL-3954)
  • Avoid QBDT Duplicate Entity Conflicts by appending (2) on duplicate detection. (PL-3799)
  • Opportunities App | More out of the box filters, more charts, filter charts based on time range and redesigned New Opportunity screen (PL-4111)
  • Email Campaigns App | Easier to select and add Contacts to mailing list (contact filters, select all, filter unselected emails) and duplicate existing Email Campaigns. (PL-4045)
  • MultiTenancy | Added session variables for Current Tenant and Permitted Tenant (PL-3771) 
  • MultiTenancy | Enabled records from the permitted tenants list to be accessed on runtime screens (PL-3787) 
  • MultiTenancy | Enabled TenantID field to appear as an editable drop down (PL-3790)

Bugs Fixes

  • Improved Cross Browser / Cross Device support on Preferences area. (PL-3230)
  • Fixed issue with selecting packs when inviting user for IE 11. (PL-4087)
  • Fixed issue which that sometimes caused scrollbars to appear in the middle of the window. (PL-4105)
  • QBDT Preferences for days per transaction get wiped out from Method Classic when saved in Method New. (PL-3926)
  • Clear All on Conflicts page does not work. (PL-3894)
  • Sync Conflict page shows time in UTC rather than local. (PL-3923)
  • Conflicts Details screen gives Error when there is an Authentication Conflict. (PL-3939)
  • Cost / Rate not showing full 5 decimal places on Items. (PL-3487)
  • QBDT custom fields with over 20 custom fields may not sync from Method to QB for Estimates and Sales Orders. (PL-3803)
  • UnitOfMeasure Name Changes on QBDT (PL-397)
  • Calendar | Users not able to scroll on a mobile device (PL-3132)
  • Calendar | Exception thrown to end user when making a selection with no resource selected (PL-3150)
  • Calendar | Unable to create a new activity on mobile (PL-4097)
  • Calendar | ‘Hide filters’ checkbox does not hide filters (PL-3874)
  • Calendar | ‘Allow users to edit’ checkbox does not prevent users from editing calendar (PL-3873) 
  • Grids | Grids do not save checked rows when navigating away from screen (PL-3561)
  • Toggle | Cell alignment is being applied to Toggle Text (PL-3977)
  • Designer | Send Email action missing port number under advanced server options (PL-3839)
  • Designer | Session variables for shared lists do not return a list of usable values (PL-3964)
  • Designer | Object menus are being cut off in Chrome (PL-4104)
  • Designer | Payment Processing generates an error when more than two decimal places are passed for currency (PL-4041)




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