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Method Updates - March 16, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Improved App Updates to be less intrusive to end users (PL-3992)
  • Instant notifications of sync status on QBO Sync page (PL-3794)
  • GmailGadget | Enable Cases tab for users of the Cases app (PL-3223)
  • Opportunities app | Opportunity Stages have Active/Inactive flag and sort order to easily configure the Opportunity Stages to fit the needs of different sales processes (PL-3671)
  • Opportunities app | Redesigned and simplified the Edit Opportunity screen (PL-4599)
  • Opportunities app | Sales Receipt dropdowns and app ribbons for Opportunities (PL-4683)
  • Contacts app | New & Edit Contact screens show warning when duplicate emails are entered (PL-3710)
  • Contacts app | Changes to Contacts List (New filters: Vendors, Changed default to Shared Customers & Leads) (PL-4165, PL-4384)
  • Contacts app | A generic way for apps to send a user to the New Contact screen and then route the user back to the originating screen instead of sending the user to View Contact screen (PL-3707)
  • Invoice app | Redesign of New/Edit Invoice screen for more intuitive layout, better glanceability and consistency with QuickBooks Online (PL-4616)


  • Runtime screens not displaying new customization after closing designer (PL-4471)
  • Global customizers did not have access to report designer (PL-3880)
  • Action Editor | Save All action does not initiate sync in QBD accounts (PL-4030)
  • Action Editor | Save All action errors when multiple attachments are placed on screen (PL-4487)
  • Action Editor | Generate report action displays report regardless of ‘show in new window’ option (PL-4470)
  • Drop Downs | SalesTaxCode table not available as a base table for drop downs in QBO accounts (PL-4474)
  • Calendar | ‘Show filters’ check box displays incorrect filter on screen (PL-4236)
  • Calendar | View becomes corrupted after navigating from new activity screen (PL-4185)
  • Text | Telephone formatting does not initiate call on mobile devices (PL-4410)
  • Grid | Mobile landscape mode does not display with correct padding (PL-4485)
  • Grid | Mobile landscape mode displays hidden columns (PL-4485)
  • Grid | Mobile portrait mode does not display with correct padding (PL-4411)
  • HTML Editor | Removed paste action button (PL-4405)
  • File Attachments | Upload widget not styled correctly for accepting links (PL-4576)
  • File Attachments | Upload widget menu is hidden when multiple uploaders are placed on screen (PL-4404)
  • Contacts added in the Gmail Gadget to go through same validation as rest of Method (PL-3925)
  • Conflicts when creating service item in Method for QBO (PL-4197)
  • Error on saving records on custom screens (PL-4607)
  • Conflicts not being shown in QBO Sync Status page (PL-4102)
  • Improved account creation time (PL-4002)
  • Improve click areas on mobile devices (PL-4240)
  • Preferences | Remove duplicate Sync conflict headings (PL-4472)
  • Contacts app | “Assigned To” filter shows up by default on Contacts list for QBD (PL-4380)
  • Send Email app | Inactive customers should not be sent portal URLs (PL-4657)


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