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Method Updates - March 30, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Merging customers in QBO now gets associated records moved in Method (PL-4743)
  • Getting Started steps on the dashboard for new users. (PL-4658)
  • Improved loading times on Manage Apps screen (PL-4643)
  • Improved speeds for copying of stock app screens (PL-4696)
  • Improved performance of Generating Method short URL's (PL-4584)


  • QBO Invoices aren't syncing over, due to tax code changes (PL-4731)
  • Issue with emails being flagged as Low Priority in Outlook (PL-4004)
  • Link to conflicts missing from QBO sync results (PL-4441)
  • Objects deleted in QBO always show in subsequent sync results (PL-4449)
  • Making item active in QBO removes it from Method (PL-4264)
  • Improve performance of Method API look up (PL-4869)
  • Addressed alignment and style issues on QuickBooks sync screen. (PL-4824,PL-4822,PL-4635, PL-4668)
  • Update Sign in With Google and Sign In With Intuit icons to latest version. (PL-3893)
  • Update Controls on Screen errors when entering a string with an apostrophe (PL-4746)
  • Cannot sort grids at runtime for expression columns (PL-4748)
  • Method:New users cannot access report designer (PL-4855)




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