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Method Updates - April 27, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Detailed QB Desktop sync results show live under Preferences > QuickBooks (PL-5160)
  • Hide unsupported payment gateways (Intuit Merchant Services, PayPal Account) (PL-5017)
  • Updated styles on the File/Image uploader widget (PL-4270)
  • QBDT - Add Reset QuickBooks File under Preferences > QuickBooks (PL-5162)
  • QBDT - Add Computer Reset Link  (PL-5163)
  • QBDT - Cleaned up, more intuitive UI for QB Preferences (PL-5161)
  • Ability to share a Method Login email as long as logging into different accounts. (PL-4531)
  • Disconnecting Method from QBO uses new Method portal (PL-4997)


  • NEXT app fails to update (PL-5194)
  • Invoice & Estimates apps fail to update (PL-4910)
  • Money type fields not clearing on Active Record ID change (PL-4944)
  • Marketplace card click is directing users to Dashboard (PL-4257)
  • Selected controls are causing misalignment in screens (PL-5110)
  • Copy screen corrupts Set View Filter actions (PL-5267)
  • Formatting drop down columns causes error (PL-5317)
  • Payment Widget form properties are not working (PL-1609)
  • Hiding Payment Widget results in an error (PL-5030)
  • QBDT Sync Engine - prevent sync engine from stopping when it tries to sync a transaction before the closing / divide date (PL-4670)
  • QBDT Sync Engine - Invoices table synced before SalesOrders (PL-4465)
  • QBDT Sync - Fixed asset should ignore quantity when syncing estimates (PL-4763)
  • QBDT Listener not installed when .NET framework 3.5 is missing (PL-4345)
  • Updated Styles on all tooltips to be consistent (PL-4243)
  • Header displaying generic tooltip on hover (PL-4765)
  • Pack name and checkbox control not aligned when inviting users on mobile device (PL-4406)
  • Marketplace Pack tiles missing footer (PL-4268)
  • Dashboard right panel not showing on device rotation (PL-5149)
  • Subscription header displaying as clickable (PL-5244)




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