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Method Updates - May 11, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Tables & Fields Improvements (PL-3970)
  • Update to Authorize.Net production URLs (PL-5368)
  • Disable drop downs during event processing (PL-5265)
  • Addition of ‘No results found’ notification in drop downs (PL-5271)
  • QBO Disconnect and Reconnect by offering (PL-5383)


  • Signing into Google gadget taking users to wrong screen. (PL-4737)
  • Error installing a second Method app from (PL-5384)
  • Drop downs not opening in consistent direction (PL-5252)
  • Drop downs displaying incorrectly when loading large dataset (PL-5263)
  • Drop down width property not working (PL-5493)
  • Calendar resource drop down not displaying correct values (PL-5366)
  • Tag add icon is broken (PL-5227)
  • Set focus to control on screen load not working (PL-5335)
  • Day of week function returns a numerical value (PL-5359)
  • Grid sorting not remembered after using ‘Back’ navigation (PL-5334)
  • Changing Display Type for a control in Designer breaks control properties (PL-5375)
  • User is not taken to top of search results when searching controls in Designer (PL-5328)
  • Clicking on Preferences > Integrations > Gmail Gadget  gives an error (PL-5311)
  • QBDT Sync appears to start when engine or PUSH is disconnected (PL-5330)
  • QBDT Sync results page reports wrong count (PL-5342)
  • Method:API - Error looking up dropdown value on Insert (PL-5464)
  • Method:API - Table does not support add (PL-5531)





v.cameron said:

Michael - can you elaborate on "QBO Disconnect and Reconnect by offering (PL-5383)"

May 12, 2016 10:59 AM

Method_Michael said:

Hey Victoria-

This means that if you have multiple Method apps from you can now disconnect them individually from within Method. Before when you disconnected the sync from within Method it would kill all connections.

May 19, 2016 10:10 AM

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