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Method Updates - July 20, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Global Tags - Tags have received a fresh new look and are now global across all tables & apps(PL-4252)
  • Improved UI and content for Getting Started with Method steps. (PL-6105)


  • Update 302 redirects for IE compatibility (PL-5847)
  • Update Drop Down UI style (PL-6299)
  • Performance Improvements on runtime pages (PL-6305)
  • Cannot add a pack on a mobile device (PL-6255)
  • Issue with uploading PDFs with special characters (PL-6324)
  • Bound money fields not displaying negative numbers (PL-6419)
  • Tax removed from sales receipts when saved in Method (QBDT) (PL-6177)
  • Unable to remove customer from Bill Line Item (QBDT) (PL-6418)
  • Unable to complete sync when duplicate Unit of Measure exists (QBDT) (PL-6421)
  • Error importing into some Method tables. (PL-6343)
  • Public Pages now use correct time zone (PL-6120) 
  • Customer Balance field visible for “Customer Only” filters on Contacts App (PL-6217)
  • Hidden fields on Contacts App Listed in Alphabetical Order (PL-6550)
  • Update Import Hyperlink Contacts App (PL-6498)
  • Update to default Accounts Receivable Dropdown on Invoices (PL-6500)
  • Send Email Snapshot Updated to Edit Templates (PL-3695)
  • Ability to re-submit a payment on Donate Now (PL-6217)
  • Activity “Other” event not showing Due End (PL-3406)
  • General Screen Updates to Support Global Tags (PL-6309)
  • View Contact not refreshing after Edit (PL-6545)


  • Copying Field Service screen between accounts causing errors. (PL-6342)


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