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Method Updates - August 4, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Tags - Improvements to mobile experience and error messaging (PL-6254)


  • Subscription buttons showing up for non-billing contacts. (PL-6480)
  • Notifications not closing when clicked on. (PL-6428)
  • “Have you moved?” prompt displaying for users who have not changed time zone. (PL-6479)
  • Conflict created for time activity when end date is the following day (PL-6487)
  • Deleting a bill from Method does not delete the lines items or expense lines (PL-6636)
  • Method attempts to sync bills even when no changes have been made (PL-6635)
  • Gmail gadget displays deleted contacts (PL-6539)
  • Clear screen does not clear tag list (PL-6619)
  • TagList is not displaying tags correctly (PL-6638)
  • Tag list is not case insensitive (PL-6569)
  • Image filenames containing spaces prevent screens from being copied (PL-6546)
  • Modifying grid filters within the screen load action causes grids to load blank (PL-6519)
  • Screen navigation is resetting grid filters & views (PL-6456)
  • Public Page not displaying the correct Live version for users (PL-6223)
  • Sales Order Template not handling percentages correctly (PL-6618
  • Estimate App - Update to support multi-tenant conflicts (PL-6622)


  • Fixed issue with saving sync preferences for Multi-tenant accounts(PL-6523)



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