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Method Update - August 17, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Confirm disconnection for users who disconnect QBO Sync & have Intuit Payments connected (PL-5848)
  • Method now syncs with QBO Purchase Orders (PL-3247)
  • General Transaction Screen Updates and Improvements (PL-6790, PL 6794, PL-6812)
  • Ability to convert and Estimate to Invoice (QBO) (PL-3678)


  • Sync results time in grid off by 1 hour (PL-5415)
  • QBDT: Sync results source, destination and count errors (PL-5342)
  • QBO Global: Unable to modify time activity / time tracking in Method (PL-5052)
  • QBO Global: Unable to delete time activity from Method (PL-5053)
  • Account exceeding maximum API usage on some toggled partner accounts (PL-6818)
  • New bill doesn't push to QBO on first save (PL-6637)
  • Unable to set line to taxable in Method (PL-6640)
  • QBO Global: Modifying cost of line on Bill results in $0 cost (PL-5039)
  • Deleting a Bill from QBO does not remove it from Method (PL-5038)
  • Can't clear location, or terms in Method for QBO Bill (PL-6745)
  • QBO Global: Error saving SalesTaxCode on expense line (PL-6748)
  • Google Calendar Service - Query optimization (PL-6267)
  • (Google Calendar) Improve error handling and messaging (PL-6024)
  • CustomerEquipment - ServerTimeModified has wrong type (PL-6557)
  • Donor Summary Report Error on Generation (PL-6192)
  • Improved validation on saving company and user preferences (PL-6740)
  • Drop Downs have endless scrolling (PL-6631)
  • Ensure Drop Down fields can only be created from unique columns (PL-6477)
  • Hidden grid fields not showing when setting view filters from OnScreenLoad (PL-6205)
  • Cannot change resource field on calendar (PL-6684)
  • Removing grid columns from ‘search fields’ causes grid not to load (PL-6683)


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