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Method Updates - September 1st, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Update Image Placeholders (PL-6882)
  • Purchase Transaction Apps (Apps will be available week of Sept 5th) (PL-7067)
  • Updated font colours to be darker (PL-6809)
  • Removed Dashboard header from Dashboard. (PL-6789)


  • Subscription buttons showing up for non-billing contacts. (PL-6480)
  • Filters are being cleared on accounts screen when back is clicked (PL-6993)
  • Unable to loop through grid when search results are displayed (PL-6868)
  • Unable to create activity or transaction from Israel timezone (PL-6802)
  • Incorrectly assigning value of 0 to drop downs that are blanked out (PL-6869)
  • Reports showing incorrect timestamps (PL-6805)
  • Unable to process payments through Intuit Payments for QBD (PL-6755)
  • Added % rate field to Estimates (PL-6980)
  • Error message when % rate field is unchecked (PL-6977)
  • Updated NP_AggregateReport(V2) & Donations By Year to sort based on Transaction Date (PL-6959)
  • Updated Activities List to avoid known issue with EmailBody (PL-6958)
  • Updated Bill Address Fields in QBO for Estimates (PL-6976, PL-5864)
  • Updated the New State on Estimates, Invoices & Sales Orders (PL-6983)
  • Corrected issue some users were experiencing with screen not clearing when Saving Invoices and Estimates (PL-6861)
  • Updated Parent Customer Fields (PL-6978)
  • Sales Order App Ribbon is not pre-filling customer details when accessed from Opportunities (PL-6981)
  • Sales Receipt App Ribbon is not pre-filling customer details when accessed from Opportunities (PL-6989)
  • Updated Consistently of New State on Transactions (PL-6983)
  • Clicking New / Edit Activity Type clearing contact dropdown (PL-7007)
  • Accounts App being refresh on Back (PL-6993)
  • Inventory Start Date not being populated in all scenarios for (QBO & QBO Global) - (PL-7022)
  • Unable to view time time tracking conflict in New (QBO) (PL-6488)
  • Conflicts occurs when changing tax calculation field in Method (QBO Global) (PL-6847)
  • Added additional logging to troubleshoot large number of errors with QBO API calls (PL-6949)
  • Non-Inventory creating a conflict when syncing with QBD (PL-7050)
  • URL’s taking user to Dashboard after signing in if they were not signed in. (PL-5400)
  • Method Admin’s not being able to select tables when trying to import. (PL-6772)


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