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Method Updates - November 10th, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Method Integration Engine installer has been renamed from Setup.exe to MethodSyncInstaller.exe. (PL-7246)

  • For Method QBDT users, the Method Integration Engine can now use an authorization code instead of account, email and password to synchronize. Please refer to Method Help for more details. (PL-6157)

  • New Google Calendar synchronization screen is available to check status and configure user preferences. (PL-6030)

  • For Method QBO users, Method now synchronizes Item Bundles. (PL-6658)


  • Fixed an issue with Google Calendar not syncing for some users (PL-6176)

  • Hide PurchaseOrderLineExpense and PurchaseOrderStatus tables for QBDT accounts as they are not in-use (PL-7479)

  • Fixed an issue where some QBO accounts were failing to synchronize. This was due to tokens not being renewed for some accounts (PL-7827)

  • Fixed issue with blank user tiles showing up for packs. (PL-7863)

  • Fixed issue with loading preferences for multi-tenant accounts. (PL-7884)

  • Removed access to Intuit Payments for QBDT Users (PL-7853)

  • Fixed issue preventing QBO Global users from updating the rate field on Bill line item (PL-7988)




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