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Method Updates - November 24th, 2016

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Simplified workflow on download sync engine from email page (PL-8039)


  • Fixed issue where sync the authorization code sent to an existing method user was linked to the sender. It is now linked to the user sent the instructions (PL-7809)

  • Fixed issue where the user was not provided feedback that sync instructions were sent from the Email Sync Link and Instructions page (PL-7795)

  • Fixed issue with Intuit Payments preventing Method:Donor users from accepting payments (PL-8063)

  • Fixed issue where incorrect placeholder text was displayed in drop downs on mobile devices (PL-7375)

  • Fixed spacing issues on the date/time control so that full date and time is now visible (PL-7378)

  • Fixed an issue when a user launched a popup (e.g. to print at PDF) on a mobile device. New notification added on mobile devices to alert users when a pop-up fails to open (PL-8142)

  • Fixed issue with advanced search on mobile not disappearing after initiating a search (PL-5509)

  • Fixed styling issue with advanced search on mobile (PL-5363)

  • Fixed issue preventing users from enabling rights on custom apps (PL-8109)

  • Fixed issue causing the QBO ‘mobile’ field to be displayed for QBDT users (PL-8143)

  • Fixed issue where sync was deleting records from Method instead of archiving them (PL-7003)

  • Fixed issue preventing setting customer or vendor note field to blank for QBO (PL-7118)

  • Fixed issue with validating data when adding a TimeTracking entry via an insert statement (PL-7607)

  • Fixed issue preventing Group Items from unrolling on sales receipts (PL-8009)

  • Fixed issue that was forcing each changes-only sync to be a full sync for some QBO accounts (PL-8056)

  • Fixed issue forcing inventory assembly items to unroll on estimates (PL-8218)

  • Fixed issue preventing sign in to the sync engine with username instead of email (PL-8266)

  • Fixed issue preventing sign in to the sync engine in some cases for multi tenant accounts (PL-8263)
  • Improved messaging for Accounts on Hold for users of Method Classic. (PL-8133)




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