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Method Updates - January 5th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Added new action “Go To Web Page”, allowing app developers to direct users to a web page using actions (PL-3056)


  • Fixed spacing issue within the icon on the Tables & Fields page (PL-8686)

  • Fixed issue causing the DataExtDef table to be displayed on all search results on the Tables & Fields page (PL-6987)

  • Fixed issue preventing help text for row icons on the Field List page to not be displayed (PL-8196)

  • Fixed spacing issue on the TagList control caption color drop down within Designer (PL-6253)

  • Fixed spacing issue within the selected tag list area in advanced search for grids (PL-6497)

  • Fixed issue preventing users from accessing action results in conditional statements when placed inside of a loop (PL-6982)

  • Fixed issue in Manage Apps causing the context menu to not be fully displayed on some browser sizes (PL-7503)

  • Fixed issue on the New Contact screen which prevented Method from remembering the last created contact type (PL-9034)

  • Fixed issue with Action Results disappearing as an option in the Insert Record Into Table action (PL-9063)

  • Fixed issue with Criteria Builder reverting back to today’s date when performing a date comparison (PL-9066)

  • Fixed issue with Show Message preventing a loop from completing (PL-9149)

  • Fixed issue causing the Session - User Record ID value to be displayed as Session - Master Admin User Record ID within Action Editor (PL-9150)

  • Fixed issue with Set Active RecordID action resetting controls which are not tied to a Table Field (PL-9151)

  • Fixed issue within Criteria Builder preventing fields from being refreshed after changing the base table used for comparison (PL-9180)

  • Fixed issue preventing nested loops from executing correctly (PL-9195)

  • Fixed issue with QBDT sync steps which redirected a user back to the Send Email page after successfully sending an eml (PL-9044)

  • Fixed issue with QBDT sync steps generating 2 authorization codes (PL-8730)

  • Fixed issue with inviting same user multiple times on QBDT sync steps (PL-8511)

  • Fixed an issue where item bundles were not being unrolled on transactions (PL-9071)

  • Fixed an issue where decimal quantities did not sync for item bundles (PL-9071)

  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to revoke their own sync code (PL-8534)

  • The Google Calendar “sync now” option is now disabled while a sync is in progress (PL-8207)

  • Fixed an issue with viewing conflicts for the Accounts table (PL-8208)

  • Fixed QBO sync results to correctly display QBO as the destination instead of QBDT (PL-8268)

M:Classic Bugs

  • Fixed issues preventing users from changing their password. (PL-8678)

  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to save their preferences under “My Profile” (PL-8538)





v.cameron said:

Happy Dance for Go To Web page!!

January 4, 2017 3:10 PM

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